Sparrow for Cities.

Why cities need micromobility.

Imagine zipping through the city on a electric scooter, skipping the endless traffic jams and getting where you need to go with a breeze. Micromobility options offer everyone a quick, easy way to cover short distances. They're perfect for those moments when you just need to dash from point A to B without the hassle of traffic or waiting for the bus. Plus, they're a big win for our cities too, cutting down on congestion and pollution, making our urban spaces cleaner and greener. It's all about making our cities more livable, accessible, and sustainable.

Sparrow's unique community-friendly approach to micromobility.


It actually means less freedom.

Typical shared e-scooter services use a "free-floating" system where scooters can be parked along curbs all around the city—which might sound convenient until you see the downsides. City dwellers frequently complain about poorly parked scooters obstructing sidewalks or tipped over. And when you're looking for  a scooter to use, you might have to hunt and hike for a while to find a scooter to ride.

But don't worry—while free-floating operations are the norm in the world of scooter-sharing, Sparrow does things differently.

Tired of the same old e-scooter headlines?

We are too.

That's why we operate as a station-based model.

How Sparrow's station-based service benefits communities.

Clutter-free sidewalks.

Sparrow's e-scooters are parked at racks conveniently dotted throughout the cities we serve. This "station-based" operating model keeps sidewalks free of the clutter and obstacles that create headaches for cities where companies operate free-floating services. We carefully position parking racks to ensure that sidewalks are accessible and safe for everyone.

Scooters where you need them.

No need to hunt around the city to track down a scooter—just head directly to a Sparrow station. With scooters dependably parked at designated stations, there's no guesswork, making every trip more reliable—whether it's your daily commute or a spontaneous adventure.

Efficient fleet management.

Station-based systems greatly simplify tracking and maintaining e-scooter fleets. This operational efficiency translates into more reliable service for users, enhanced safety, prompt customer service, and responsiveness to changing needs in the community.

Why choose Sparrow?

Our year over year impact so far...

Sparrow is dedicated to....

Community collaborations.

We're all about teaming up with the local spots to bring our nest stations right to the heart of the action. It's not just about giving our riders a convenient spot to grab a scooter; it's about helping those local businesses shine. Think of it as a little boost from us to them, with special promotions and deals that get more folks walking through their doors. And we don't stop there. We're big on getting everyone out and exploring, whether you're a local or just passing through. Our stations are stepping stones to adventure, guiding you to the coolest spots around town with our treasure hunt games, blog posts full of insider tips, and timely nudges from our app. It's like having a friend in the city, showing you all the places to be and helping the neighbourhood thrive all at once.

Excellent customer care.

Our dedication to top-notch customer service is at the core of everything we do. As a homegrown company nestled in the heart of the South Okanagan, our roots run deep in this community. Our team isn't just made up of employees; we're locals who know every nook and cranny of the area, cherish its beauty, and truly care about the people who make it vibrant. This personal connection to the place we call home fuels our desire to provide unparalleled service to our neighbors. We're not just serving customers; we're looking out for friends, family, and fellow community members, ensuring every interaction is filled with the warmth and care only a local company can offer.