"One of the things I love about Sparrow Scooter's community partnerships is that it's completely stress-free and only beneficial to our little shop. As a business that partners with them, there's no work involved on our end - they handle everything from start to finish.

We get increased visibility and foot traffic. It's a simple and effective way to support sustainable transportation options and encourage people to visit our shop. But what really impressed me about Sparrow Scooters was their dedication to giving back to the community. They partner with local businesses to provide discounts and promotions, a great way to support small shops and encourage sustainable transportation options.

Reducing emissions is important to me, and it's great to see a company so focused on making a positive impact on the planet.

Overall, I highly recommend Sparrow Scooters to anyone looking for a fun, sustainable way to get around town. Their fantastic service, high-quality products, and community partnerships make them stand out from the crowd, and I can't wait to see what they'll do next! Special shout out to Josh for his excellent customer service!"

The Fillosophy Team

"What an amazing way to see this City Of Penticton! With all of the bike trails throughout the city and the new bike lane, my wife and I have had several amazing experiences already riding from Lake to Lake to enjoy the city at its fullest. Being able to adventure and explore Penticton this way was so much fun! We were stopped by many people asking where to rent them we were unable to give them a location but they all took a screen of the QR code that is on the scooter."

"Easy to use, surprisingly fast and a ton of fun! Had a great time scooting around town on my birthday with my family.  It was a fun way to show off our beautiful community to my out-of-town family and they loved it! Will ride again...very convenient locations."

"Super convenient and INCREDIBLY FUN. Used one in Oliver, B.C. with a good friend and met some others riding the scooters as well. Great option to travel around the city or just go have some fun for a few hours. One of my new favorite activities 💕"

As a cyclist I had some doubts around riding a scooter for a long time. Once I tried Sparrow, I'm loving it! Quality ride, easy to navigate app and great people to interact. The thing that I loved the most was that the app is a great way to see the town with some awesome businesses that you can discover, and great locations for parking - makes it a breeze. I've reserved the 5th star because their stations aren't located everywhere in the city and in neighboring towns. Hope we find them next time we visit the Okanagan. Best way to get around!