RIDER Safety

Sparrows Considers Riders Safety Above Anything Else

Safety first. That’s our motto at SPARROW. While the ride will make you feel light and zippy, we strongly recommend our riders take all measures when it comes to personal and fellow road users’ safety.

Use The Bike Lane.

It’s both convenient and safe to do so. SPARROWs are zippy and avoiding sidewalks will keep you and pedestrians safer. Stick to internal roads while on the property and roads without bike lanes.

Be Aware Of Special Zones

For your safety and the others, Sparrow has defined a few Special Zones for riding. Red zones are restricted and your scooter will come to a stop if you enter them. Yellow Zones are speed limited to 12km/hr, these are generally in high pedestrian traffic areas. Feel free to reach us at any time through the app.

Obey Traffic Rules.

All rules that apply to bikes and e-scooters on public roads apply to your SPARROW too.

Wear Helmet

Always wear a helmet while riding- All SPARROW scooters come with a helmet, if you don’t find one on the scooter, you can walk up to the front desk and ask for one.

Know Your Sparrow

While Sparrow’s are very easy to ride, it's a good idea to get yourself familiarized with your ride before you zip away. Take your time, your SPARROW is yours for the entire ride.