We mean it when we say that we are a part of the communities we serve.  We attend seminars and events, host events, and work with businesses and cities to assist in any way that we can.  

Penticton TRUE Expo was a great way to kick off the year.  Showcasing tourism in Penticton, Sparrow was front and centre, offer rides and giveaways for the day.

April 2023, Penticton

Sparrow sponsored an event in June to try and raise money for the Oliver Mission Society.  We had games for all ages, Bo Betty's Food Truck on site, and Jo from the Oliver Mission Society had ice cream and treats that were donated from Buy Low.  

June 2023, Oliver

Simon and Josh attended the SFU CREATE Lab, (Collaborative Research on Energy, Air Pollution, Transportation and Environment).  It is nice to see our local universities not only teaching, but proactively working on solutions, and working on them together.  

August 2023, SFU Burnaby

Shared Mobility Rocks is an amazing platform to bring together all forms of shared mobility from around the world.  What a great place to connect with people and businesses that all have the same goal - learn about the developments of shared mobility and how to apply that locally. 

September 2023, North Vancouver

Thanksgiving Giveaways - In Oliver and Osoyoos we had a Thanksgiving weekend event to say thank you to the communities and give away some prizes.  It is always nice to connect with our riders and gives us the opportunity to create connections.

October 2023, Oliver & Osoyoos