Ride a Sparrow for
leisure or to work
Choose a safer and
greener way to move
A better way to
move around city
Provide Sparrow as an
amenity to your guests and staff

How to Ride

Find & Reserve your ride

Look for a scooter in the App and reserve. You can reserve up to 30 minutes before starting a trip.

Scan to Unlock

Once reserved, just walk up to the scooter, scan the QR code and unlock.

Enjoy the Ride

Push off to get going. The throttle is designed to start working above 3km/hr. Get to where you need to, whenever you need to: in a green, fun and convenient way. The ride is all yours for the booking period. You may pause (lock) your scooter anywhere, any number of times. No sweat. Your mobile App is your key.

Park and End your Ride

Bring the scooter to any of our Nests to end your ride. Your ride can only be finished within one of these Nest locations


Ride Green. Ride Sparrow.

We provide zero-emission, safe, affordable and enjoyable rides in partnership with local hospitality businesses.  Whether you are looking to get from point A to point B without a vehicle, or are looking for a fun adventure, we have you covered.

Proudly Canadian. We are a fully Canadian company from ownership to operations to employees. Our founding team is passionate and driven to support the Canadian economy while we recover from the current pandemic and beyond. Sparrow is focused on providing greener-cleaner-easier transportation to local communities and shifting their reliance away from internal combustion engine cars. We pride ourselves in supporting local job markets - by hiring locally but also providing more options to seasonal and essential workers.

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